EPN Webinar Recordings

Burning monocultures for energy: The links between biomass, pulp, soy and steel in Latin America (SPANISH version here) (October 2021)
Divesting from Biomass in the Asia-Pacific Region (October 2021)
The Moment to Transform Packaging (April 2021)
Saving Paper in the New Normal: Organizational Behavior Change Opportunities and Tools (August 2020)
For Investors and Banks: The Rapid Deterioration of the Forest Conservation Policy of APP/Sinar Mas (July 2020)
A Next Generation Life Cycle Assessment Tool: The Paper Calculator 4.0 (November 2018)
Est-For Biorefinery: New name, dirty old story (May 2018)
Risk Alert: A land grab for pulp in Mozambique? (January 2018)
Update from Indonesia: New framework for evaluating performance by APP and APRIL
 (December 2017)
Why countries in the global North need an aggressive forest protection policy in their own backyard (November 2017)
Detoxing the future of pulp production
 (January, 2017)
Green Paper, Red Lines (December, 2016)
Peatlands and the Pulp and Paper Industry in Indonesia (November, 2016)
Fibre Testing to identify paper linked with deforestation (October 2016)

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Biogenic Carbon Calculator for Harvested Wood Products (beta) developed by WWF/Quantis (October, 2020)
2030 Vision for Pulp and Paper and The Next Generation Solutions to Get There (September, 2020)
Large Scale Industrial Plantations – A Burning Issue (February, 2019)
Sharing Biomass Success Stories (February, 2019)
Pulp expansion in Brazil (July, 2017)
Chinese finance of the pulp and paper industry (March, 2017)