Risk Alert:
A Land Grab for Pulp in Mozambique

This online event was held on 16 January 2018 and features presentations from Sergio Baffoni of EPN and Antonio Gaveta of ADECRU – Accão Académica para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades.

Background: The Navigator Company (based in Portugal) plans to develop a new pulp mill in Mozambique. The company, operating as Portucel Moçambique and with funding from the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, is acquiring large areas of land for establishing eucalyptus tree plantations to supply the mill. Local NGOs monitoring the impacts of this land acquisition are deeply concerned about the impacts on local livelihoods and on biodiversity by converting natural miombo woodland habitat to non-native, monoculture plantations.

In November 2017, an EPN discussion paper presented cases of apparent land grabbing in Mozambique, including testimony from farmers who have lost the land they depend upon for subsistence, in exchange for short-term work or inferior land in remote places. The discussion paper raises questions as to whether the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent were followed by the company in its rush to establish pulp plantations.

The document, entitled, A Land Grab for Pulp: New Mill Project by Portucel Mozambique, is available in English and Portuguese. It was prepared by EPN, ADECRU, Quercus, ARA and KKM – Coordinating Committee Mozambique-Germany.