The Story of Biomass

Communications Resources for Campaigners

In 2021 EPN commissioned some communications work with creative consultants Dancing Fox, who were tasked with the job of helping the forests, climate and biomass working group to articulate a powerful story about big biomass to inspire and motivate action.

As a network of many organisations, the challenge was to capture everyone’s message and work, while still retaining a clear and compelling story which could be understood by non-specialists and the wider public. In a series of Playshops, artists worked with bioenergy campaigners to produce communications resources in the form of a Story Guide and an Asset Guide.

The Story Guide

This Story Guide is a blueprint upon which member groups can build communications, fundraising, and political messaging for their work on biomass. It’s a way of keeping everyone on the same page — and a living, breathing, constantly-evolving conversation about our strategic direction — and about how we can tell a more compelling story to our supporters, potential supporters, and collaborators.

To be clear, while this is a single story guide, we are not suggesting that everyone’s work around forests, biomass and climate change should sound exactly the same. Rather, we will make use of some common elements (outlined in the Story Map) and tools that enable us to tell hundreds of thousands of different stories, via different mediums — and with different messengers — but all with a consistent thread running through them.

The Asset Guide 

A Sister Guide to the Story Guide, this is a portfolio of campaign ideas and messages for bringing the story of biomass to life. What you will find here is a curation of the best ideas that emerged from the playshops, turned into a set of powerful images and asset ideas that can be developed, polished, pushed and poked, picked up and run with, in your social media, campaigns and actions.

Accessing the Guides

The guides are available to members of the Biomass Action Network, who can access the resources from the password protected link below. If you cannot access the links and would like to join the Biomass Action Network, please send an email