The Environmental Paper Network joins with our member organizations to unequivocally speak and stand in solidarity and support of Black lives, and against racism, oppression and inequality in all forms. We join with those demanding action and justice and who are outraged by the institutional injustice in the killing of George Floyd and so many others.

We believe it is critical as the environmental community to not stay silent in the face of systemic injustice and that we must act and speak in solidarity with the Black community and the movement for Black Lives. It is up to all of us to demand change, demand justice, and demand an end to racist violence, oppression and racial inequity.

Freedom of speech and the right to assembly are the heart of any democracy. But these civil rights are now being threatened. We stand in solidarity with people demanding justice on the streets and join others in calling for an end to violent repression of protests happening across the USA. 

We recognize that in ourselves and our organizations we can do more, and we commit to not be passive. We will listen, learn from, and support leadership from Black voices and organizations; we will raise our voices to demand justice and condemn injustice; and we will amplify the voices of those so often ignored. We will work in partnership with diverse social justice organizations and leaders to better support vulnerable communities.

Below, we have compiled some of the statements by members of our Network. Many of them also contain resources for education, how to take action in support of this movement and, most importantly, links to the voices that need to be amplified and heard most at this time.
[EPN Members: Please contact us if you would like us to add something to the list below]

Rainforest Action Network 
Protect The Right to Protest and #DefendBlackLives
Statement from Rainforest Action Network on the protests in Minneapolis and systemic racism.

Green America
Justice for George Floyd and Black Communities

Dogwood Alliance
We Will Not Be Silent

NRDC Stands with Those Calling for Racial Justice statement on Black lives, police violence & white supremacy

Greenpeace statement in solidarity with Minneapolis protesters
Statement in Response to Police Violence During Recent Protests

WWF speaks out on racial injustice

Fern stands with the Black Lives Matter movement in the struggle for justice

Black Lives are Not Disposable

Center for Biological Diversity
Center for Biological Diversity Statement on Murder of George Floyd, Institutional Racism, Presidential Threat of Violence

Friends of the Earth US
Friends of the Earth Stands in Support of Black Lives