Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Heading into the year-end holidays our list of to-do’s may include some gift-giving, some special cooking, and a lot of trying to save the world with our individual choices to cut consumption and avoid throwaway products and packaging. But what if we lived in a world where producers of goods and services stopped peddling so much single-use waste?

For example: It’s great that as we pick up extra toilet paper to meet holiday guests’ needs that we read labels carefully and buy sustainable tissue. But what if the big paper brands only made sustainable tissue?
customer refuses straw

For now we do need to take the individual actions to cancel unwanted catalogs and phonebooks, to say no to paper receipts,single-use products, and disposable packaging. The choices we make for ourselves are important.

But what if we also work collectively to get companies and other large organizations to make better choices themselves? The climate, forests, and the whole planet really would see change for the better on the scale that’s needed.

We can team up to make these “what ifs” a reality with these simple, high impact actions:

  1. Go to our Unwrap the Truth Take Action page and call on companies to make change on toilet paper, paper receipts, junk mail, and more.
  2. Sign and share the Unwrap The Truth Pledge and stay up to date on corporate, collective, and individual actions.

Do you have a story to share about actions you’re taking this holiday season to tell companies to make better choices and reduce single-use waste of paper and other materials? Please email Anne via to tell us about it.

With thanks to Kyle Platts for his art for Unwrap The Truth.