From 2017-2019, Root Solutions trained more than 20 higher education institutions in how to use behavioral insights to save paper. The behavioral sciences – including research from the fields of cognitive science, conservation psychology, behavioral economics, social marketing, design thinking, and strategic communication – use an evidence-based approach to encouraging behavior change.

Root Solutions is a non-profit that identifies human behavior at the root of environmental problems, as well as their solutions. They work directly with organizations, companies and governmental agencies to identify behavioral leverage points in their initiatives, then assist in the design and implementation of cost-effective and scalable behavioral strategies.

In partnership with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), this two-year project took the lessons from experimental work at these 20 campuses (as well as from other paper reduction campaigns) and compiled them into a provocative and useful toolkit that is a must-read for sustainability professionals, office managers and green teams everywhere. Turning the Page: A Behavior Change Toolkit for Reducing Paper Use, helps sustainability practitioners understand, select, and effectively apply behavioral interventions. It’s a roadmap to success in reaching your paper reduction (and other sustainability) goals.

The new resource arrives as a growing movement is emerging to #UnwrapTheTruth and create institutional and systemic changes that are needed to curtail wasteful paper and packaging consumption in our society.

Click on the image below to access the Toolkit, and let us know if it helps you.