We’ve got two new resources from the Environmental Paper Network this week to support efforts at reducing wasteful paper consumption.

The first is our new Fact Sheet: Paper Saving Opportunities, Benefits, and Leaders (updated in April 2019). This update to our original paper saving fact sheet includes new research showing the many sustainability, social justice, and bottom line reasons why businesses and non-profit, education, and government entities should prioritize saving paper. It also highlights new case studies of innovative ways diverse organizations have made paper saving changes and the benefits of their leadership.




The second is the Reducing Consumption Initiative North America Year One Report: Four Projects Offering Solutions to the Wasteful Overconsumption of Paper. This report explores the paper saving work and impact of several of our member organizations who are connecting through the Reducing Consumption Initiative coordinated by EPN-North America. Through the initiative, organizations are sharing strategies, skills, resources, and information on industry and campaign trends to bolster the individual projects and the overall movement for paper saving. The organizations and projects featured in the report include:

We hope these help in your paper saving efforts. Please email Anne at anne@environmentalpaper.org with questions or comments about these resources.