An Associated Press investigation has found that Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and its parent company Sinarmas, now five years into ambitious forest conservation promises, “has extensive behind-the-scenes ties and significant influence over wood suppliers linked to fires and deforestation that have degraded Indonesia’s stunning natural environment.” Based on the information compiled by the Associated Press, Greenpeace has called for an independent investigation into the relationship between Sinarmas and its wood suppliers. Read the full article here.

The Associated Press followed with an article digging deeper into the current social conflict created by the search for wood fiber in the Bangka Belitung island chain off Sumatra. Local communities are fiercely opposed to plans by Bangun Rimba Sejahtera (PT BRS) to exploit 66,000 hectares of state land and establish plantations. The Associated Press investigation found strong links between Asia Pulp and Paper and the timber supplier PT BRS. According to the article, “Visits to half a dozen West Bangka villages revealed a wall of anxious opposition to BRS. Thousands of villagers have protested against the company outside local government offices.” Read the full article here.

APP has posted a denial of the investigation’s conclusions.