Robin Wood is a German environmental organisation that has a strong track record on forest campaigning. They have recently run successful actions focusing on Germany’s biggest bakery chain, BackWerk, including street actions and customer education. They are one of the organisations taking part in the international day of action on throwaway cups, on 22 March 2017 (see more here).

The climax of their BackWerk campaign was in November 2016, when four climbers scaled the BackWerk headquarters building in Essen and strung up a huge banner, which said “Tschüss Wegwerfbecher! Kein Müllberg bei BackWerk!” (Goodbye Throwaway Cups! No ‘waste mountain’ at BackWerk!).

Robin Wood’s demands to the company were as follows.

– Use reusable ceramic cups and plates for customers who consume their food and drinks in the bakery, instead of giving everyone throwaway cups.

– Allow customers to bring their own reusable cups, give a discount for this, and advertise this as more sustainable.

– Install or take part in upcoming systems for reusable cups (such as allowing people to take a cup from one shop for a small deposit and bring it back to any other shop).

The company has issued a statement that largely meets these demands.

Good work Robin Wood!

For more details (in German) see here: