The Environmental Paper Network sent a letter to Aida Greenbury of Asia Pulp on Paper prior to a Stakeholder Advisory Forum in Jakarta hosted by the company.  The EPN was part of a Solutions Working Group with APP and other NGOs that was dissolved by APP and replaced by a new and less constructive process to achieve and improve the company’s Forest Conservation Policy.  The letter begins,

Thank you for the invitation to the Stakeholder Advisory Forum (SAF) to be held on 9th May 2016. We appreciate that APP is trying to inform and engage stakeholders but have some concerns about the SAF as the most appropriate stakeholder engagement mechanism. We’re writing to suggest initial ideas for developing an alternative approach for effective stakeholder consultation that addresses these issues and we would like to discuss these further with you.

We recognize that the SAF can be a useful forum for briefing a wide range of external parties on the status and implementation of APP’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). However, we do not think it is functioning effectively as a mechanism for identifying and facilitating meaningful input from or discussion with stakeholders on some of the more complex issues and challenges facing the company.

Read the full letter to Asia Pulp and Paper from the Environmental Paper Network, click here.