In November 2015, the Indonesia’s Minister of the Environment and Forestry froze the license of a large concession block belonging to a major supplier of APRIL, (38,000 ha) on Rupat Island, in Sumatra’s Riau province, since the company had been found to have violated the relevant prevailing regulations in its operations in the block. One of the sanctions incurred by the company in question was an obligation to apologize to the public through the mass media.
Greenpeace campaigner Rusmadya Maharuddin commented that this apology needed to be followed by a clear and clean resolution of the concession block license suspension in order to gain legal certainty, and also needed to be consistently backed up by the implementation of APRIL’s sustainability policy with respect to this supplier. “The legal process must be resolved in a clear and clean manner in parallel with the implementation of APRIL’s sustainability policy, as previously committed, ” Rusmadya said.