Greenomics Indonesia released a report that show how APRIL cleared High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF), in breach with its own policy and even with the legislation, as the illegal clearance of legally-established HCVF areas constitutes a serious violation of forestry law.

The report uses the legal operating documents of PT RAPP (APRIL-owned concession) to observe land-cover changes in legally-established HCVF areas. To do so, Greenomics used USGS Landsat 8 and Google Earth images in time-series. The report presents evidence on the clearing of legally- established HCVF areas on APRIL’s own concession. APRIL will of course be given an opportunity to respond to the findings of the report.

“What does APRIL wish to achieve by clearing legally-established HCVF areas?” comments Greenomics in the report. In June this year, APRIL has announced a new sustainability policy to “clean up deforestation” from its entire supply chain, but according to Greenomics, the company has demonstrated its inability to ensure legal compliance as it has been proven to still be clearing legally- established HCVF areas. “What does it mean for APRIL, which committed itself to cleaning up its supply chain from deforestation, if the legally-established HCVF areas that are found on its own concessions are incapable of being protected and maintained, and even end up being cleared by APRIL itself?” concluded Greenomics.