The European Environmental Paper Network has published a new report, Mapping Pulp Mill Expansion: Risks and Recommendations. The report offers a resource for investors and large volume paper buyers concerned about climate and deforestation risk and reflects a rising global demand for pulp and paper products. Maps featured in the report serve as a threat atlas for visualizing the potential risks of increased demand for forest resources in the vicinity of new projects including deforestation and other local forest conservation and social issues. The report provides specific recommendations from an international coalition of NGOs on managing this risk and implementing responsible investment and purchasing. These recommendations are an application of an international conservation community consensus for social and environmental transformation in the pulp and paper industry detailed in the Global Paper Vision.

The report provides financial institutions and others a general overview of each region of the world where new pulp mills are in-progress or expected, and includes maps showing their general proximity to identified deforestation fronts and intact forest landscapes. Current pulp and paper production is concentrated in Asia, North America and North and Western Europe, however most of the future pulp production capacity increase is expected to take place in Asia, Russia and South America.

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