With today’s launch of the online Environmental Self-check, WWF provides an improved service to pulp and paper manufacturers globally for company internal usage. The five online steps to check the environmental footprint of pulp and paper brands can be filled out confidentially. The Environmental Self-check is a new feature of WWF´s Check Your Paper, a public database of brands with high environmental standards (checkyourpaper.panda.org).

“WWF wants to offer an additional service to producers to support continual improvement efforts. With the Environmental Self-check we encourage companies to test their products with our method and verify their environmental performance. Companies can download their scores for company internal usage and discussions without any cost or obligations,” said Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Pulp and Paper Global Manager, WWF International “Of course we encourage them to also publish their scores subsequently, to show leadership in transparency.”

The Environmental Self-check is based on a method which reduces the complexity of assessing the forest and manufacturing footprint of pulp and paper products. Previously called “Scorecard”, it was developed upon request by and with support of large buyers, and in consultation with scientists, NGOs and producers. The Check Your Paper method is already being used across regions and for different products. WWF now also encourages the use of the method in supplier screening tools, for example those of retailers and other large buyers of pulp and paper.

The public Check Your Paper database has further a new focus on featuring pulp and paper products with high environmental standards and a low forest, water and climate footprint. As part of the improved Check Your Paper, WWF will offer more opportunities for transparent leaders in the sector to get public recognition for published brands. All third party audited brands will automatically participate in the Environmental Paper Awards 2016 which will be issued for Best Environmental Performance paper brands and the most transparent producers.

Rod Taylor, Director Forests for Life Programme, WWF International said “At a time of increasing interest in supply chain risks worldwide, the Check Your Paper Method offers an opportunity for suppliers and buyers to work together to reduce their environmental footprint.”

For further information:
Helma Brandlmaier, Senior Advisor Strategic Communications and Knowledge Management,
WWF International Tel: +43676842728219 hbrandlmaier@wwf.panda.org

Notes to editors
Check Your Paper has been designed as a user-friendly tool to help paper purchasers and manufacturers to evaluate their environmental footprint. With the help of the Check Your Paper scheme, also responsible merchants and other distributors can verify and demonstrate the quality of the products they sell. This scheme aims to channel paper consumption and production towards alternatives with the least harmful environmental impacts. It focuses on a limited number of major impacts related to the health and vitality of humans and ecosystems, including:
·         forest impacts through wood harvesting
·         greenhouse gas emissions
·         water pollutants
·         wastes
CYP is based on parameters and the rating system of the WWF Paper Scorecard that was initially launched 2007. The parameters and criteria were updated early 2010, with substantial input from more than 30 key paper sector players, including number of globally largest paper manufacturers, paper merchants, paper buyers and non-governmental organisations from Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa.