The NGO Anti Forest Mafia Coalition released a report on the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK) to scrutinize whether it and the actual Timber Legality (LK), Sustainable Production Forest Management (PHPL) and V-Legal certificates can guarantee the legality and sustainability of Indonesian timber products.


The report concludes that the SVLK system in its current form does not provide importing governments or companies with credible assurance of receiving legal and/or sustainable products. SVLK certifies business-as-usual and does neither certify nor promote sustainable forest management. Improvements need to be made.

The report found the shortcomings such as: Implementation of the SVLK certification mandate has been weak; the SVLK standard has serious flaws allowing certified operations to be in non-compliance with several government regulations and/or be highly unsustainable; PHPL and LK audit design, scoring and final grading appear designed to make it almost impossible to fail certification; relevant non-forestry laws & regulations are not considered, and corruption in the licensing process is not considered.

Meanwhile, on 27 February 2014 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the conclusion of a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between the European Union and Indonesia, highlighting many concerns with the VPA, including that the majority of timber sources have not yet been FLEGT-certified; that large volumes of unverified timber from forest clearance are entering the supply chain; and that the rights of local communities are insufficiently recognised.