APRIL is the second largest Indonesian pulp and paper company and its impacts on forests and local communities is devastating. The negative impacts of their logging to source fibre for paper include social conflicts, destruction of the habitat of rare species like Sumatran rhinos, elephants, tigers and orangutans, and damage to peatlands which causes huge emissions of greenhouse gases. We have therefore asked banks around the world to give an assurance that they have no financial involvement with APRIL, or any of its sister companies within the Royal Golden Eagle group.

A letter has been sent jointly by the BankTrack network and the Environmental Paper Network, pointing out that APRIL is logging high conservation forest in Sumatra, Indonesia, in breach even of its own weak policies, and that it has a bad record on a range of issues, including human rights and respect for local communities. It asks banks known to finance the company to divest, and warns banks in general that they should avoid involvement with the whole associated group of companies or face significant reputational risks.

The letter, which was modified for specific recipients, is here.