Lafcadio Cortesi, Asia Director of Rainforest Action Network, and also a Steering Committee member of the Environmental Paper Network (EPN), is featured in a groundbreaking new Showtime series called the Years of Living Dangerously, that begins April 13th. Lafcadio can be seen with legendary actor Harrison Ford, who serves as one of nine celebrity correspondents in the documentary series. (jump to scene at 11:37)

This fast paced series finds them in the grocery store , surrounded by household, brand name logos, discussing tropical rainforests, conflict palm oil and corporate ethics. The conversation boils down to corporate responsibility when it comes to sourcing products from the world’s endangered forests and is undeniable connection to the climate change conversation.

post on the website of RAN states:

“The forest team at Rainforest Action Network has been working closely with the show’s producers for many months and we are confident that it has the potential to be the most important, highest profile story on climate change in a generation. This hard-hitting 9-part series – vetted by a team of respected climate scientists—brings together some of the biggest names in Hollywood and investigative journalism to dramatically tell the biggest story of our time to a larger audience than ever before.”

This is a great opportunity to share these issues with your friends and family.  Its a great chance to understand how our forests factor into climate change.  And, thanks to Lafcadio and RAN, a chance to see the clear connection to the products we buy and the corporate choices that cause them to end up on our shelves.  For more on the links to paper products, see our toolkit for responsible paper buying here.

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Also appearing in the film are other EPN members including WWF’s Michael Stuewe (at 11:26).  And the educational partner for the film is the National Wildlife Federation, a member of the EPN Steering Committee.

You can watch the first full episode for free below.