Today the Environmental Paper Networks in Europe and North America release seven “Performance Milestones” necessary to verify the implementation of commitments made by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) under the company’s Sustainability Roadmap – Vision 2020 and latest Forest Conservation Policy. The Performance Milestones and their auditing will help customers and investors determine whether APP effectively implements its policy commitments and can help guide action by other pulp/paper companies in Indonesia and elsewhere. The Environmental Paper Network is urging customers to insist on independent third party auditing to verify the implementation of APP commitments and the performance milestones released today.

An online event to introduce the Performance Milestones will be held today, Thursday, September 19th. This webinar will broadcast at 11:00 AM in New York, 17:00 in Central Europe and 10:00 PM in Jakarta and include speakers from Wahana Bumi Hijau, Rainforest Action Network, WWF and Greenpeace. Space is limited.

To download the Performance Milestones and register for the webinar go to

Full press release here: Performance-Milestones-PressRelease-FINAL