The Environmental Paper Network invites interested parties to register and join us on Thursday, September 19, 2013, at 17:00 (Central Europe) 22:00 (Jakarta) 16:00 (London) 11:00 (New York) 08:00 (California) for the introduction of “Performance Milestones” to assess the implementation of commitments made under Asia Pulp and Paper’s ‘Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020’ and Forest Conservation Policy.

To register: Who Should Attend: Paper Buyers, Merchants, Retailers, Investors, Sustainable Brand Managers, CSR Executives, Social and Environmental NGOs, Interested Media On February 5, 2013, after decades of environmental and social conflicts in Indonesia, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) announced a new Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) to be part of their Sustainability Roadmap – Vision 2020.


If properly improved and implemented, these policies represent significant steps forward for the company.

However, international and local NGOs have said to wait for proof of Asia Pulp and Paper’s Forest Conservation Policy’s successful implementation before this source of paper products can be considered non-controversial.

To define a process for assessing this a set of performance milestones have been developed by a group of civil society organisations affiliated with the Environmental Paper Networks. This resource can help to guide customers and other stakeholders in determining whether APP’s policy commitments are being delivered effectively on the ground and all issues are being addressed.

Please register to join this webinar to hear directly from member organisations of the Environmental Paper Network who provided leadership in the development of this tool. There will be an opportunity to ask questions

A link to the document will be available after September 19st at