This week marked a landmark event in the ongoing transformation of the paper industry as Step Forward Paper, made from 80% wheat straw and 20% FSC certified wood pulp, hit the shelves at Staples stores across the US.  Here’s a video from Woody Harrelson, one of the owners of Prairie Pulp & Paper, which produces the paper.  Woody and his partners have a vision to build their own agricultural residue paper mill in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 2016, to further reduce the costs of the paper and support North American farmers with a market for this agricultural waste stream.

EPN member organisation Canopy has been paving the way for the fast growing marketplace for agricultural residue papers, and doing amazing advocacy work to shift the marketplace to innovative and responsible sourcing.  Kudos to Canopy for their vision and persistance and commitment to finding solutions.

Here’s Woody in his own words to tell you about the paper, followed by a selection of news articles about the launch.

AP –

Triple Pundit –

Grist –