Our second paper efficiency project webinar, or ‘PEP talk’, is on Wednesday 5 June  2013, at 3pm. If you’d like to register,  contact us. If you missed it you can see it online or download the slides here. There is an accompanying webpage with some signposts to useful resources here. Why not check out our other paper efficiency tools?


Almost half of Europe’s paper use is accounted for by packaging. While packaging has many useful functions (protection, hygiene, branding, customer information) this utility is often very short-lived. There are therefore great opportunities for increasing efficiency, achieving the same functions with lighter weight and smaller boxes.

This Paper Efficiency Project (PEP) talk will help you to understand the scale of the impacts of packaging use, and some very practical ways to reduce these impacts. It will also challenge the idea that reductions in packaging reduce the opportunities for brand messaging and consumer information. A case study will be presented by the Packaging and Print Technology Manager for Sainsbury’s, one of the UK’s major supermarket chains.

Our research into case studies shows that paper efficiency can lead to increased sales, more customer satisfaction and fewer product breakages, as well as environmental benefits – it’s all about  smart packaging design. To find out more, why not attend our Paper Efficiency Project (PEP) talk on packaging? This is a live online webinar on Wednesday 5 June 2013, 4pm GMT.   If you missed it and would like to watch it or download the slides, please follow this link.