We are delighted to welcome the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) into our network. Europe’s biggest environmental organisation, with more than a million members, the RSPB is dedicated to saving threatened birds and wildlife across the UK and overseas. It is part of the global partnership, Birdlife International, and its membership will undoubtedly strengthen our coalition.

RSPB has several initiatives on paper-related issues. The organisation has made strategic commitments to reduce contribution on UK consumption to tropical deforestation, as well as sustainably manage UK forests (including those on RSPB reserves). It has helped develop UKWAS (FSC) standards and engages in UK public forest policy development / advocacy.

The RSPB is also putting its own paper use in order, having  developed and implemented an internal paper procurement policy – to reduce, to reuse, to source credibly certified (FSC) and/or recycled paper, preferably from local sources, to avoid chlorine and to recycle. It has measured the carbon footprint of some of its major paper uses (e.g., member magazines) and is seeking ways to reduce this. It has provided advice to some UK businesses on their paper sourcing policies and it communicates to the UK public about tropical commodities that cause deforestation, including timber and paper.

We’re delighted that the RSPB is joining its voice with those of all our other members – a hearty welcome!

[Image by Nigel Blake]