For years, advice on responsible paper purchasing was coming from so many directions it was impossible to act with confidence. But today, many environmental organisations work collaboratively under the umbrella of the Environmental Paper Network (EPN).

Together and independently, we have created a variety of tools available for paper purchasers. Purchasers may know some or all of the tools, but might be uncertain about how they reinforce and complement each other.

Several tools created by WWF, Canopy (both members of the EPN) and the Environmental Paper Network are complementary and consistent, although they are published separately on the website of each organisation. The purpose of a new fact sheet, The Big Picture, is to describe how paper purchasers can use these tools in combination to better understand the environmental attributes of the paper they purchase, while also incentivizing transparency in the paper industry.

We recommend companies explore and use these tools for assistance in making responsible paper purchasing decisions. The tools also provide added value to responsible and transparent paper producers and merchants.

Click here to download the fact sheet with no website registration required: The Big Picture