TORONTO (February 7 2013): Today Canopy announces the launch of a search for global newspaper publishers and media companies who are leading the way on environmental issues. The International Newspaper Environmental Leadership Survey will be circulated to the world’s most influential newspaper companies, representing over 60 titles, and is also open to any newspaper company to complete.

“Attracting advertising dollars and readers requires creativity and innovation as digital and print mediums diversify”, said Tara Sawatsky, Canopy’s Newspaper Campaigner. “We want to use this survey to recognize and highlight environmental innovation and leadership in the global industry of newspaper publishing with those critical audiences”, she added.

The International Newspaper Environmental Leadership Survey is quick, convenient, strictly confidential, and no failing grades or rankings will be assigned as a result of participation. This survey marks the most comprehensive independent effort to identify, assess and celebrate newspapers for their green achievements.

“The results of the survey will recognize newspapers that are keeping abreast of and responding to the demands of a growing green marketplace”, said Nicole Rycroft, Executive Director of Canopy. “Companies that work with us to protect the world’s forests, species and climate are looking to make connections to other businesses acting with the same values”.

Canopy will promote the International Newspaper Environmental Leaders through trade outlets, conventional news outlets, Canopy’s web site and social media, and our more than 700 corporate partners.

All newspaper media companies and publishers are invited to complete the voluntary, no-fee online survey to gain third party recognition of their sustainability efforts. The survey can be found at:


Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organisation dedicated to protecting forests, species and climate. We believe collaboration is the key and that businesses can be a powerful force for solutions, so we work with more than 700 companies to help ensure their supply chains are sustainable. Our partners include Sprint, The New York Times, Random House, Hearst, Scholastic, and Lonely Planet.

For more information please contact:
Tara Sawatsky, 778-986-2797,