Edmonton, Alberta is a community that is close to diverting 90% of its city’s waste into reuse and recycling.  Part of their strategy is forming a partnership with a private company called Grey’s Paper Recycling Industries Limited, who has built a facility onsite at Edmonton’s waste management facility.

The new facility in Edmonton turned on its 5 tons per day papermaking machine on January 4th of this year and will soon begin commercial distribution.  Its localized, reducing transportation costs and impacts.  Its closed-loop.  It brightens without harsh chemicals.  It requires no extraction from Canada’s old-growth and intact forests.  Its designed for energy efficient production.  And the result is the production of high quality paper products.  Grey’s claims it will be possible for it to be sold at a lower cost than virgin fibre paper, potentially creating a major breakthrough for customers who are ready to switch but limited by costs.  Can it work?

Here’s a video from Grey’s:

What do you think?  Is this a model project for increasing use of recovered wastepaper and growing the market share of recycled paper products?  After you watch the video please join in our discussion in the comments section below.