Consumer Reports’ annual Naughty & Nice list highlights specific policies or practices that “fall short of expectations.”  Companies were dinged for hidden or tricky fees, fine print, and unfriendly practices. But customer service is not all that makes a company naughty or nice. And it’s not all consumers care about.

Consumer Reports neglected to include companies involved in greenwashing destructive environmental practices.

For example, two of the companies on CR’s 2012 “Nice” list, Kohl’s and Publix supermarket, are quite naughty because they promote the greenwashing Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and refuse to make a commitment to change.

The SFI forestry certification program was created by the timber industry, for the timber industry. As a result, SFI certifies forest destruction, including clearcuts and endangered forest destruction, as “green”. Understandably, SFI has been targetted by the environmental movement for its greenwashing, and companies using or promoting SFI are misleading consumers.

There’s no better time than the holidays, when shopping and spending are front and center, to call out companies involved in greenwashing. What greenwashing by big companies makes your personal ‘naughty’ list? Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter (#crnaughtynice) and let Consumer Reports know that companies greenwashing their environmental practices are even more ‘naughty’ than those with bad customer service.