We are very happy to welcome four new member organisations to the European Environmental Paper Network: Friends of the Earth Europe, based in Brussels, Euronatura, based in Portugal, PanEco, based in Switzerland, and the Chlorine Free Products Association, based in the USA. We look forward to working with these important campaign organisations towards a more sustainable paper industry in Europe.

The geographical spread of these organisations (together with our two other recent members, from the UK and Germany) underlines how our network joins hands across the world. These organisations also bring a wealth of diverse expertise to the network. Friends of the Earth are campaigning on efficient and sustainable resource use, Euronatura work on International Environmental Law, PanEco are focused on nature conservation in Indonesia and Switzerland, and the Chlorine Free Products Association is focussed on ensuring that paper mills use clean technology. Together, these organisations exemplify the network’s concern to transform all aspects of the paper industry, from fibre sourcing to production to consumption, to be legal, ethical and environmentally benign.

Together we will achieve this vision.