Deforestation does not protect the environment. The paper giant Asia Pulp & paper Paper (APP) got its adverts forbidden in the Netherlands. The Dutch Advertising Code Commission (DACC) judged that APP’s TV and paper adverts, which positions APP as a company that cares about the environment, while massively destroying Indonesian rainforests,  are misleading the public. APP was running a significant amount of these adverts both on TV and in print, and the ruling means that they will no longer be able to continue them in the Netherlands. Similar adverts were broadcasted in other European countries.Â


Meanwhile, new European companies have closed their contracts with APP. From Hasbro (producing Monopoly and the Transformers) to Montblanc, the Tchibo to Warehouse, from Metcash in Cartamundi, and even the banking group ING has ceased to provide financial services to companies of APP.