Featured Member: Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF)

The Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) joined the Environmental Paper Network (EPN) in 2017 when its community was confronted by a proposal for a major new pulp mill in Tartu. ELF is a non-governmental organization that was founded 1991 and whose mission is to preserve...

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Why the toxic tampon issue isn’t going away

In the past year, scientists and health professionals have voiced growing concern over the potential risks of using tampons and other personal hygiene products such as diapers. A new briefing paper titled, Why the toxic tampon issue isn't going away, summarizes the...

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Sustainability in the case of tissue

At a high level congress "Tissue - Moving Towards Sustainability", major environmental NGOs had discussions with manufacturers and retailers about steps towards responsible production of products like paper for baby nappies (diapers), toilet paper and tissues. The...

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