TRUTH: Paper use is increasing around the world—even with the rise of digital devices.

TRUTH: How we make most of our paper harms our climate, forests, and communities. Paper can be made sustainably and responsibly, but most of it is not.

TRUTH: Companies and other organizations must give us better choices, and we need to take responsibility for our choices, too.

On every level we must make, buy, and use less stuff, whether it’s made from paper, plastic, or other materials. Especially throwaway products in throwaway packaging.

Test your knowledge and #UnwrapTheTruth.

Save paper,
help save the world.

When we team up to change how companies make and use paper and packaging, and we make our own choices to cut waste and use paper responsibly, we create lasting solutions for our climate, forests, and communities. Take action with us today and join the movement to #UnwrapTheTruth.


We can do this. LET’S GO!

Share the truth and build the movement!

Bring your friends, neighbors, school, work, and others into the #UnwrapTheTruth movement. Share these tools so they can also take action at key moments to reduce wasteful paper and packaging and learn about new solutions.


Grow #UnwrapTheTruth!

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