Ensure Transparency and Integrity

  • Develop binding policies and targets and commit to a time-bound process for achieving them.
  • Demonstrate and report on chains of custody for all paper and paper products and ensure all buyers have easy access to reliable information on fibre content, sustainability and production methods of individual paper and paper products.
  • Eliminate greenwashing, or the practice of misleading consumers with false environmental claims.
  • Ensure fair systems of economic rewards and liabilities that help reduce the impacts of pulp and paper production and use.
  • Refuse investment and participation in business transactions (e.g., financing and trading) that are not fully consistent with this Vision.
  • Commit to transparent, regular, publicly available and comprehensive reporting on progress.

Relevant Reports

News and Resources Related to Transparency & Integrity

APP and APRIL violate zero-deforestation policies with wood purchases from Djarum Group concessions in East Kalimantan

A new report from a coalition of non-profit organizations shows that global paper giants Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL) are violating their zero-deforestation policy. In addition, a few days ago the Forest...