Ensure Transparency and Integrity

  • Develop binding policies and targets and commit to a time-bound process for achieving them.
  • Demonstrate and report on chains of custody for all paper and paper products and ensure all buyers have easy access to reliable information on fibre content, sustainability and production methods of individual paper and paper products.
  • Eliminate greenwashing, or the practice of misleading consumers with false environmental claims.
  • Ensure fair systems of economic rewards and liabilities that help reduce the impacts of pulp and paper production and use.
  • Refuse investment and participation in business transactions (e.g., financing and trading) that are not fully consistent with this Vision.
  • Commit to transparent, regular, publicly available and comprehensive reporting on progress.

Relevant Reports

News and Resources Related to Transparency & Integrity

Uruguayan citizens opposing UPM’s new pulp mill appeal to the Finnish government

In Uruguay, the citizen opposition to a new pulp mill planned by the Finnish paper giant UPM continues to grow. Last Friday, a citizen movement calling itself as the "national coordination of social organisations against UPM", representing more than 40 organisations...

UPM’s Paso de los Toros mill poses financial and reputational risks

In Uruguay, protests are rising against the installation of UPM’s planned new pulp mill project in Paso de los Toros. There has been strong social criticism on the conditions of the contract that the government signed with UPM, on the expected impacts of the pulp mill...

Asia Pulp and Paper admits links to controversial suppliers, but still fails to be transparent

A coalition of Indonesian and international NGOs released a report today bringing to light that Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) has acknowledged links to controversial suppliers but continues to fail to be transparent. The Indonesian paper giant recently released a document...

Uruguayan and Finnish organisations issue statement against UPM’s plans for new pulp mill in Uruguay

Uruguayan and Finnish social and environmental organisations released a joint statement last week stating their opposition to the plans of the Finnish pulp and paper company UPM to build a new pulp mill in Uruguay (UPM also has an existing mill in Fray Bentos). This...