Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduce total energy consumption and high emission energy sources.
  • Change from fossil fuels and other high emission energy sources, including from unsustainable biomass, to only responsibly-produced low-emission biomass and other renewable energy sources.
  • Reduce soil emissions, particularly from peatlands and other high carbon stock soils.
  • Maintain and enhance carbon storage in managed forests and other ecosystems.
  • Promote technological innovations and design production systems that increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Apply greenhouse gas reduction goals and regular reporting which accurately accounts for the landscape and biogenic greenhouse gas emissions of paper production, including carbon debt.

Relevant Reports

News and Resources Related to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Open Letter From Indonesian NGOs to the Government of The Republic of Indonesia, Buyers, Customers, and Banks of Companies Related to Forest Fires in Indonesia

Forest fires Indonesia continue to burn on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo, and are on track to release more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire US economy this year.  Today, a coalition of Indonesian NGOs today sent an open letter to the government and to...

European EPN publishes a threat atlas for new pulp mill expansion

The European Environmental Paper Network has published a new report, Mapping Pulp Mill Expansion: Risks and Recommendations. The report offers a resource for investors and large volume paper buyers concerned about climate and deforestation risk and reflects a rising...