Maximise Recycled Fibre Content

  • Maximise recycled fibre content in all grades of paper and paper products, maximise post-consumer fibre content, and develop additional 100% recycled paper products.
  • Minimise waste by maximising reusability and recyclability in appropriate products.
  • Proactively support recycled paper manufacturing, including improved collection systems of recyclable paper.
  • Increase the use of other recovered materials (e.g., sustainably grown and harvested agricultural residues and post-industrial recycled) as fibre sources in paper.
  • Rarely manufacture paper solely from virgin tree fibre.
  • Maximise fibre efficiency through product design and lowering basis weights of paper, whenever possible.
  • Eliminate incentives that favour use of natural resources over reused or recycled resources or that favour disposal or incineration over recycling.

Relevant Reports

News and Resources Related to Reducing Consumption

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