Ensure Clean Production

  • Use the best possible technology to minimise the use of water, energy, chemicals and other raw materials.
  • Use the best possible technology to minimise solid waste, thermal pollution and emissions to air and water.
  • Eliminate toxic mill discharges and waste.
  • Eliminate the use of chlorine and chlorine compounds for bleaching.
  • Ensure production systems do not hinder equitable use of water, the quality of water or local food production. Nor should such systems jeopardise environmental services or ecosystem assets.

Relevant Reports

News and Resources Related to Reducing Consumption

More troubles for APRIL

APRIL’s subsidiary PT RAPP incurred in an administrative sanction for serious breach of toxic waste regulations. Despite the company claims to have addressed the problem, a recent supervision by the ministry revealed that the company is still not yet in compliance.

EPN Debate on Detoxing Paper

Introducing a webinar and discussion document about why the paper industry needs a 'detox'. Back in the 1990s there was intense debate and campaigning to stop the toxic pollution caused by the pulp and paper industry. The root cause of the pollution were the chemicals...