Paper Resources

We share a common vision of a forest, pulp and paper industry that contributes to a clean, healthy, just and sustainable future for all life on earth. We seek a world with new consumption patterns that meet the needs of all people while eliminating waste and over-consumption, where paper production is less reliant on virgin fibre and not associated with loss of biodiversity or forests, maximises use of recycled materials, respects human rights including local people’s land rights, provides employment and has social impacts that are beneficial, conflict-free and fair. We seek the successful transition to pulp and paper that is part of the solution to climate change and is made from responsibly sourced fibres, using entirely low-carbon, renewable energy, with water that is as clean after paper production as before, producing zero waste and zero emissions. We seek full transparency and partnerships with diverse stakeholders to successfully implement this vision.

Explore our resources and Network activities on each of the 7 pillars of the Global Paper Vision.  Click on a topic to learn more.  

  1. Reduce global paper consumption and promote fair access to paper;
  2. Maximise recycled fibre content;
  3. Ensure social responsibility;
  4. Source fibre responsibly;
  5. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  6. Ensure clean production;
  7. Ensure transparency and integrity.