EPN Tools & Resources

For Purchasers

The Paper Calculator: The premiere, free life-cycle impact tool for estimating the environmental impacts of increasing recycled content in your paper and savings from paper use efficiency.  

The Paper Steps: The Paper Steps designate leadership environmental paper products based on a combination of the various options for responsible attributes and are presented in a one page visual guide.

EcoPaper Database:  A joint project with Canopy that provides a list of the leading ecopapers available in North America.

Fact Sheets

Paper Saving Leaders, Benefits and Opportunities (2018): A fact sheet highlighting the successes of innovative leaders at businesses and non-profit, education, and government entities who have made paper efficiency changes, and how to identify opportunities to reduce wasteful use at work and at home.

Recycled Paper Fact Sheet: Paper to Protect the Planet: Understanding how recycled content in printing & writing paper – and all grades – reduces energy, water, chemical use, pollution and solid waste, while protecting forests.

The Big Picture: How the leading environmentally friendly paper purchasing tools complement each other


Reports from the EPN

The State of the Global Paper Industry 2018
Download the Executive Summary
Read the Report in Chinese



North American Reducing Consumption Initiative: Year One Report: Four Projects Offering Solutions to the Wasteful Overconsumption of Paper


In the Red: An Assessment of Bank Policies for Financing Pulp and Paper



Mapping Pulp Mill Expansion: Risks and Recommendations



State of the Paper Industry Report 2011
Download Executive Summary


State of the Paper Industry Report 2007
Download Executive Summary


Paperwork: A white paper on why recycled content is crucial for printing and writing paper



Paper Steps On Campus: 9 Steps to Protecting the Climate and Reducing Waste Through Campus Paper Policies


Recovered Office Paper:
 A comprehensive guide for office managers and others to improve and increase office paper recovery


Carbon Neutral Paper?: Fact or Fiction?




Discussion Documents from the Environmental Paper Network

A Land Grab for Pulp: New Mill Project by Portucel Mozambique (November, 2017) (Available in Portuguese)

Genetically Modified Trees (October, 2017)

Too Much Hot Air: Paper’s Climate Change Impacts in Indonesia (May, 2017)

Expansion of the Brazilian Pulp Industry (March, 2017)

Detoxing Future Pulp and Paper Production: Why its time to revisit the pulp bleaching debate (January, 2017)

Paper Vapour: The climate impacts of paper consumption (July, 2013)