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The Paper Calculator: The premiere, free life-cycle impact tool for estimating the environmental impacts of increasing recycled content in your paper and savings from paper use efficiency.  

The Paper Steps: The Paper Steps designate leadership environmental paper products based on a combination of the various options for responsible attributes and are presented in a one page visual guide.

EcoPaper Database:  A joint project with Canopy that provides a list of the leading ecopapers available in North America.

Fact Sheets

Paper Saving Leaders, Benefits and Opportunities (Updated 2019): A fact sheet highlighting the successes of innovative leaders at businesses and non-profit, education, and government entities who have made paper efficiency changes, and how to identify opportunities to reduce wasteful use at work and at home.

Recycled Paper Fact Sheet: Paper to Protect the Planet: Understanding how recycled content in printing & writing paper – and all grades – reduces energy, water, chemical use, pollution and solid waste, while protecting forests.

The Big Picture: How the leading environmentally friendly paper purchasing tools complement each other


Reports by EPN

Arauco’s Validvia Biomass StationCarbon Emissions and Conflicts with Indigenous Communities in Chile: October 2021
(En Español)

In the Red: An Online Resource with Ongoing Assessment of Bank Policies for Financing Pulp and Paper


Conflict Plantations Chapter 2: Revealing Asia Pacific Resources International Limited’s Trail of Disputes Across Indonesia: November 2019

Conflict Plantations Chapter 1: Revealing Asia Pulp and Paper’s Trail of Disputes Across Indonesia: October 2019


The State of the Global Paper Industry 2018
Download the Executive Summary
Read the Report in Chinese

Industrial Tree Plantations and Green Bonds: Investor Briefing: May 2019


Risky Biomass Business: The reputational and financial risks of investing in forest biomass energy


Are Forests the New Coal?: A global threat map of bioenergy development



Mapping Pulp Mill Expansion: Risks and Recommendations



State of the Paper Industry Report 2011
Download Executive Summary


State of the Paper Industry Report 2007
Download Executive Summary


Paperwork: A white paper on why recycled content is crucial for printing and writing paper



Paper Steps On Campus: 9 Steps to Protecting the Climate and Reducing Waste Through Campus Paper Policies


Recovered Office Paper:
 A comprehensive guide for office managers and others to improve and increase office paper recovery


Carbon Neutral Paper?: Fact or Fiction?




Discussion Documents from EPN

A Land Grab for Pulp: New Mill Project by Portucel Mozambique (November, 2017) (Available in Portuguese)

Genetically Modified Trees (October, 2017)

Too Much Hot Air: Paper’s Climate Change Impacts in Indonesia (May, 2017)

Expansion of the Brazilian Pulp Industry (March, 2017)

Detoxing Future Pulp and Paper Production: Why its time to revisit the pulp bleaching debate (January, 2017)

Paper Vapour: The climate impacts of paper consumption (July, 2013)


Pulp + Paper

Mapping the Expansion of the Pulp and Paper Industry [updated regularly]


Mapping the Expansion of the Biomass Industry [updated regularly]