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Media Kit for State of the Paper Industry 2018

Sample social media posts (or retweet any of EPN’s posts):

Do you know what’s in your paper? Producers of paper products are facing social and environmental challenges worldwide in 2018. Learn more in Environmental Paper Network’s new State of the Global Paper Industry Report. www.environmentalpaper.org/stateoftheindustry2018 #SOPI18

Will rising global consumption of paper products mean more local struggles to protect forests, rivers and public health? Find out the state of the global paper industry in 2018 in a new report from Environmental Paper Network.  www.environmentalpaper.org/stateoftheindustry2018 #SOPI18 @whatsnyourpapr

A new report on the social and environmental performance of the global pulp and paper industry in a world demanding justice and urgent action on climate change. www.environmentalpaper.org/stateoftheindustry2018 #SOPI18 @whatsnyourpapr

Today, as part of the Environmental Paper Network, we are joining 145 NGOs worldwide to release a new report: The State of the Global Paper Industry. www.environmentalpaper.org/stateoftheindustry2018 #SOPI18 @whatsnyourpapr

Average per person paper consumption: North America – 215 kg; Europe 125 kg; Asia – 44 kg; Latin America – 43 kg; Africa – 7 kg. Get more #paperfacts in the new report: The State of the Global Paper Industry www.environmentalpaper.org/stateoftheindustry2018 #SOPI18