Sample Letter to Suppliers

Use this sample letter as a model to write your own, replace [Organization] with your company name, and adapt it to meet your needs.


[Supplier’s Name and Address]

Dear [X]:

[Organization] recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and using resources responsibly. As such, [Organization] wishes to reduce the environmental impacts of its paper use by increasing paper efficiency and purchasing more environmentally and socially responsible paper. To demonstrate our commitment, [Organization] has adopted an environmentally preferable paper policy (a copy of which is attached for your convenience) on [date] with the following goals:

  1. Using Paper Efficiently by reducing consumption of paper and paper products when possible.
  2. Maximizing Recycled Content by buying products with the highest postconsumer recycled content feasible for each specific need, with an aim to achieve the highest levels of the paper hierarchy.
  3. Choosing Responsibly-Sourced Fiber by purchasing products that originate from sustainably managed forests and are certified by independent, third-party organisations, such as the Forest Stewardship Council. This includes paper and paper products that are free from fibre from endangered forests, high conversation value forests, fibre from the conversion of forests to plantations, and genetically modified organisms.
  4. Supporting Cleaner Production Practices by selecting products that are processed without chlorine or chlorine compounds (i.e. processed chlorine free or “PCF” products) and giving preference to suppliers and manufacturers using renewable energy.
  5. Closing the Loop by implementing and maintaining a recycling system to ensure the raw materials for producing recycled-content paper are readily available.
  6. Spreading the Word by producing an annual sustainability report and posting information on our paper policy and practices on our website.

We are currently reviewing and modifying our procurement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with these goals. As one of our suppliers, we value our relationship with your company and ask that you work with us to help implement our environmentally preferable paper policy. Please be assured that it is our preference to continue working with our current suppliers to guarantee the products we purchase meet our goals.

[Organization] is proud to take leadership within [x industry] to protect forests and the environment. We support A Common Vision for Transforming the Paper Industry: Striving for Environmental and Social Sustainability produced by the Environmental Paper Network. This Vision helps us combine our concern for the environment and communities with concrete actions. It also lets us join many others in their efforts to protect the environment. We urge our colleagues and suppliers to adopt similar policies and help make sustainable paper use and production the norm rather than the exception.



Attachment: [Organization’s Environmentally Preferable Paper Policy]