Reducing Paper Waste At School

Paper is a really useful material at school, but it is still good to find ways to avoid wasting it.
Many of the tips for offices apply to schools too, like not printing single-sided and using the blank side of waste paper for scribbling notes on. Teachers can take care to photocopy handouts efficiently, and pupils can make sure to use every page in a notebook. Sometimes information can be circulated to pupils and staff electronically, rather than on paper.

In 2017, EPN member organisation, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Eduction (USA), began a project called, Turning the Page on Campus Paper Use.

Another good resource is the Paper Use Reduction in Schools: Suggestions and Tips, provided by the Northeast Recycling Council (USA).


For a school project, why not watch all the many ways that paper objects are used over a few days, then try to find out how much paper is used by the school as a whole. If you do a school paper inventory like this, you will almost certainly spot ways that paper waste can be reduced.

If your school has taken steps to reduce paper use, we want to hear from you! Contact us.