One of the best things you can do to reduce paper waste at home is to take steps to reduce unwanted or ‘junk’ mail.


  • In the kitchen, ensure you have plenty of washable cloths handy, and use them instead of
    paper towels or kitchen roll.
  • Use cotton handkerchiefs instead of tissues.
  • Keep one-sided printouts and mail and keep them somewhere handy to use as note paper.
  • Consider whether all the newspapers and magazines you buy are really being read, or whether you are getting this information online these days.
  • Ask your utilities and financial service providers to let you go paperfree, and receive your bills and statements electronically.
  • Try to choose food and other goods with little packaging.
  • When shopping, after buying something in a cardboard box, if you can, take your goods out of the package and ask the retailer to recycle it.


There are lots of websites for helping you to sign off junk mail. Here are just some:

If you know of a way to sign off junk mail in a country not listed above, please contact us.

You can also contact mail senders to take your name off their mailing lists, or mark unwanted first class mail ‘Refused, Return to Sender.’ For other country-specific ways to reduce unsolicited mail, search for ‘unsolicited mail’ in your search engine.