Less paper in packaging

Reducing the use of paper in packaging – Let’s make one thing clear from the start: The EPN is not advocating that companies should shift from paper to plastics or other materials, unless by doing so they can prove they have reduced their ecological footprint.

We are keen to highlight cases where paper and board are used more efficiently to deliver the same or better functionality.

In Europe, 16% of paper and board is used for consumer goods packaging and a further 31% is used for shipping and packing. Therefore almost half of Europe’s paper use is accounted for by packaging. While packaging has many useful functions (protection, hygiene, branding, customer information) this utility is often very short-lived. There are therefore great opportunities for increasing efficiency, achieving the same functions with lighter weight and smaller boxes.

Our research into case studies shows that paper efficiency can lead to increased sales, more customer satisfaction and fewer product breakages, as well as environmental benefits – it’s all about  smart packaging design. To find out more, why not watch our Paper Efficiency Project (PEP) talk on packaging? This was a live online webinar on Wednesday 5 June 2013, 4pm GMT.  Watch it now and to download the slides, please follow this link.

Here are some examples we have found of companies finding efficiency measures that have multiple positive benefits: Patagonia and Duchy Originals