Reports from the Environmental Paper Network


In the Red: An Assessment of Bank Policies for Financing Pulp and Paper




Mapping Pulp Mill Expansion: Risks and Recommendations




The State of the Global Paper Industry 2018
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State of the Paper Industry Report 2011
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State of the Paper Industry Report 2007
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A white paper on why recycled content is crucial for printing and writing paper




Paper Steps On Campus: 9 Steps to Protecting the Climate and Reducing Waste Through Campus Paper Policies



Recovered Office Paper:
 A comprehensive guide for office managers and others to improve and increase office paper recovery




Carbon Neutral Paper: Fact or Fiction?




Fact Sheets

Recycled Paper Fact Sheet: Paper to Protect the Planet: Understanding how recycled content in printing & writing paper – and all grades – reduces energy, water, chemical use, pollution and solid waste, while protecting forests.