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graphic of a green calculator and green piece of paperThe Paper Calculator is the most trusted, independent tool available to paper purchasers to measure and report the environmental benefits and savings of choosing environmentally superior paper, and to create impressive reports and charts to communicate those savings to others in your organization or to the public. The tool is built on the original life-cycle research of the Paper Task Force, which included EDF, the US EPA, McDonald’s and others, and receives ongoing guidance and life cycle data from environmental consulting firm, Franklin Associates, a division of ERG.

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The Paper Steps is a one page guide and a method to identify environmental leadership in paper products developed by a broad coalition of conservation organizations. Leadership papers on the Paper Steps scale are designated in Canopy’s, Eco Paper Database.

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Pulpwatch.org is a map-driven interface that is an important tool to assist purchasers in accessing current information from stakeholders on the social and environmental risk associated with their supply chain sourcing of pulp and paper from around the world.

Latest News

RELEASE: Mount Royal Cross transformed into scales of justice: Greenpeace protests the reckless destruction of Canada’s Boreal Forest

(Montreal) – Early this morning, 10 Greenpeace activists and volunteers transformed the iconic Mount Royal Cross into immense scales of justice representing the imbalance between  
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RELEASE: Canopy Applauds Cutting Edge Study of Environmental Options by Global Tissue Producer Kimberly-Clark

  Vancouver, BC, February 4th, 2014: Today, Canopy is supporting Kimberly-Clark Corporation, global producer of Kleenex, Huggies and many other major brands sold in over 175  
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Paper Planet Blog

  • Rainforest Action Network in Groundbreaking New Showtime Series: Years of Living Dangerously

    Lafcadio Cortesi, Asia Director of Rainforest Action Network, and also a Steering Committee member of the Environmental Paper Network (EPN), is featured in a groundbreaking new Sho  
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  • Knotty problems? There are solutions.

    As Greenpeace launches Forest Solutions: An insider’s look at Greenpeace collaborations in forest regions around the world, Greenpeace B.C. Director Stephanie Goodwin offers her  
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